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2020 – 2021 Open Meetings

All meetings will be at 7.30pm on Zoom.  
We will be back in the York Room, Cogenhoe Village Hall,

York Avenue, Cogenhoe NN7 1NB when circumstances permit.

For the time being we will meet online via Zoom.  Our next presentation will be on January 27th at 7:30pm and starting in February we will revert to our traditional meeting date on the second Wednesday of the month.

Wednesday 27 January 2021

The Life and Times of the Wellingborough Diggers of 1649

Paul Crofts

After the English Civil War of the mid-16th Century, and the beheading of King Charles 1, there was unprecedented economic, political and social upheaval across the country. In Wellingborough a small group of local people, who were starving and in desperate straits, inspired by the ideas and action of political philosopher and radical Gerrard Winstanley, occupied the common land at Bareshankes and started to dig and sow - with the aim of simply feeding their families. They were widely supported, including local landowners - who donated seed and money. This is their story and how it fits into a wider narrative of struggle to create a new society - without exploitation and sharing the products of the earth as "a common treasury for all". This simple vision has inspired millions of people around the world ever since - and continues to do so.


Wednesday 10 February 2021

Medieval Churches of Northamptonshire

Douglas Goddard

Drawing on examples from all parts of the county, this presentation illustrates how the church buildings of Northamptonshire were part of the landscape and changed through the different periods of architectural style. It also shows some of the patrons associated with them and explores how features such as stained glass and wall paintings determined people's religious beliefs in medieval times.


Wednesday 10 March 2021

Annual General Meeting followed by
Photographs of old Northampton

Richard Deacon