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2021 – 2022 Open Meetings

All meetings will be at 7.30pm   
We will be back in the York Room, Cogenhoe Village Hall,

York Avenue, Cogenhoe NN7 1NB from September.

Our traditional meeting date is the second Wednesday of the month.

 Wednesday 9 June 2021
Saxons in Northampton
Steve  Parish
he days of the week, our system of numbers, our tongue, our sense of humour, our aggression, the fact that we hang on, the reason that we won the Battle of Britain, all these we owe to the Anglo Saxons.  Come with us to Hamtun-Saxon.

Wednesday 14 July 2021
78 Derngate
Robert Kendall

78 Derngate was owned by Bassett Lowke and in 1916 was renovated by the architect Rennie Mackintosh of Glasgow fame.  His most famous work is owned by the museum which has burned down for the second time.  The style is quite astonishing.  They have just one wooden chair on display which is on loan and is worth £250,000.  The restoration project cost millions and is really worth a visit.

Wednesday 11 August
The Life of Bassett-Lowke of Northampton
Douglas Goddard
Illustrated by a selection of postcards, catalogues, publications and ephemera, this talk traces how W. J. Bassett- Lowke developed his hobby into a model making business with a name established throughout the world.  It also shows his large-scale commissions, his life and work as an author, photographer and designer and his civic achievements for Northampton.

Wednesday 8 September
A History of the Northampton to Bedford Railway

(Northampton’s Shattered Dream)
Richard Deacon
A talk that began as a research into the history of the railway to complement the 2014 presentation of the Northampton to Peterborough railway, but one which developed into a fascinating revelation into the part that Northampton Council played in promoting the railway that could have fulfilled its dream of having a main line to London, how it would have fundamentally altered the town and not for the first [and last?] time!, backed the wrong horse only to see its dream of a direct  main line shattered.

More than a railway history but a look at how railways were promoted and authorized and includes a trip along the line, both now and then.

Wednesday 13 October
The Ship of Dreams: The Life and Death of R M S Titanic
Steve Dimmer
375 miles south of Newfoundland, 2.5 miles beneath the Atlantic Ocean lies the wreck of the most famous ship ever, R M S Titanic.  We examine its journey through its conception, construction, triumphant launch and catastrophic maiden voyage, showing the many mistakes that were made and the lessons that we learned too late.

Wednesday 10 November
The Battle of Waterloo
Roy York
A blockbuster film was made in Irthlingborough in 1913. The 70 minute presentation describes choosing the area, the filming, world wide distribution before the loss of part of the film following WW1 – the discovery of part of the film by the Irthlingborough Historical Society – plus a tragic ending.  We show 19 minutes of the rediscovered film and also the Evan Bros ‘parody’ Pimples Battle of Waterloo.

Wednesday 8 December
Noel Noel Well
Derek Harris.

The show consists of a debate between the Christmas tree decorations as to who should have the coveted spot at the top of the tree. There is some audience participation.


Wednesday 12 January 2022
The History of the Butlin Family
and their Furnaces in Wellingborough.

Jon-Paul Carr.  

An illustrated and informative talk of the history of a Northamptonshire family and involvement in the 19th century and early 20th century iron ore manufacturing industry.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

The Home Guard.

Chris Bazeley

The talk considers the national and local scene with anecdotes from former members.  What led to the formation of Dad’s Army and what did they actually achieve?

Wednesday 9 March 2022
AGM followed by
A History of Country Houses in WWII

Neil Lyon