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2022 – 2023 Open Meetings

All meetings will be at 7.30pm   
We will be back in the York Room, Cogenhoe Village Hall,

York Avenue, Cogenhoe NN7 1NB from September.

Our traditional meeting date is the second Wednesday of the month.


Wednesday 13 April
Delapre Abbey
Steve  Parish

10th July 1460. Delapre Abbey awakes for another day, while in the meadow the King’s army is ready for battle.

Wednesday 11 May

The Sappers in the D Day Gliders
Ingram Murray
Just after midnight on the 5/6th June 1944, six large gliders slipped their towropes over the Normandy coast at 6,000 feet and came down silently to seize two vital bridges on the flank of the British D Day seaborne landings. Tonight's talk is the dramatic story of the engineers in the gliders and those in the landings which followed who had to make sure the crossings were secure and capable of carrying the tanks coming over the beaches.

Wednesday 8 June
The Chester House Estate, Irchester

Jack Pishhorn, Business Manager of the Chester House Estate at Irchester, will speak of its history, restoration and what it now offers.
Chester House is a restored 17th Century house with extensive farm buildings sitting within 80 acres, which includes the whole site of a Roman town.
It is of national importance being a site that can show human occupation for over 10,000 years.

The multi-million pound restoration came to grief in 2010 when, near to completion, the house was gutted by fire and the project had to start over again.

The Heritage Society will arrange for a conducted tour of the grounds later in the year.

Wednesday 13 July
Fifty years of Northamptonshire Archaeology
Andy Chapman
Andy has worked in field archaeology for fifty years, with much of that time in Northamptonshire.

In this lecture he looks back at how archaeology has changed across those years, and looks at some of the highlights from the sites and finds he has excavated, from a 6000-year-old Neolithic enclosure, Bronze Age burial mounds and Iron Age settlements, to medieval villages and Northampton Castle.

Wednesday 10 August
Tunnels, Walls and Vaults
Robert Vaughan

Wednesday 14 September
The Notorious Culworth Gang
of South Northamptonshire
Richard Blacklee

Wednesday 12 October
Summoned by Bells
Derek Blunt
A look at the many historic and beautiful parish churches in Northamptonshire.

Wednesday 9 November
Granddad's War
Ted Barnes

Wednesday 14 December
Film Archives Programme
Northamptonshire Film Archive Trust


Wednesday 11 January
Cogenhoe in the 17th Century
Ted Barnes

Wednesday 8 February
To be confirmed

Wednesday 8 March
Annual General Meeting  followed by:

Investigating The Origins of
Saxon Cogenhoe
Steven Hollowell