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2023 Open Meetings

All meetings will be at 7.30pm   
in the York Room, Cogenhoe Village Hall,

York Avenue, Cogenhoe NN7 1NB

Wednesday 12 July
Lamport Hall
Liz Hopes
A brief history of Lamport Hall, its owners, builders and its (against the odds) survival after World War II.

Wednesday 9 August in the Church
St Peter's Church
Jon Bailey/John Grubb
The present building started in 1225 and there have been many additions and changes up to 2006 when the nave was reordered.  We will walk through the history of the church, mentioning the families who were involved.  

Wednesday 13 September
Wollaston's Anglo-Saxon Warrior Burial
Rob Atkins
A fascinating talk about finds just up the road from us which are of national importance.  This high-status burial was found in 1997 during archaeological work in advance of gravel extraction at Wollaston.  

Wednesday 11 October
Secrets and Scandals of Canons Ashby
Laura Malpas

A light-hearted romp through 1,000 years of the history of Canons Ashby, told through the lives of the people who lived there.

Wednesday 8 November
Northampton at War
Ruth Thomas

Wednesday 13 December
The History of York Brothers Coaches of Cogenhoe
Robert Vaughan

An illustrated talk, with photos and some video never before exhibited, to explain the origins of the business and the people and vehicles that created this international success


Wednesday 10 January
Gaols, Gallows and Ghosts

The story behind Northampton's town centre buildings and 350 years of history
Richard Blacklee

  Featuring several historic buildings in the town centre: Sessions House and the Gaol, Judge’s Lodgings, the Museum and more.

Wednesday 14 February

Death in the Garden
by Michael Brown, the Historic Gardener
Over the centuries poisonous plants have been used to remove an unwanted partner or rival, as aphrodisiacs, for pest control and the means to foretell the future or speak with the gods. Learn how a pot of Basil helped to conceal a savage murder!

Be warned, many of these plants may well be growing in your garden.

Wednesday 13 March

AGM followed by

Archaeology at Overstone

Simon Markus, MOLA

It was expected to be a routine examination of land prior to housing development with no prospect of uncovering Bronze Age barrows,  a settlement with 40  buildings and a cemetery with 130 burials including spectacular ornate furnishings!

There will also be a table of finds from the site for you to examine.

Wednesday 10 April

Rails to Weedon (Depot)
 by Richard Deacon

History of the railways in the area, being a part of the original London to Birmingham line, including the saga of why it did not go via Northampton, plus a look at the canal in the area - a reason for the Depot being located there.